That’s right, big trip 2016 is here. It actually began September 9, when I shut my computer down at work and hopped on the train to Newark International Airport, completely ready to be finished with Philly. Just for a while. I love work, I love home, but my schedule for the past few weeks have been insane with willing obligations, and like clockwork. I was ready to turn off, go on an adventure, and sleep. I love to sleep.

Since day 1, our schedule has been packed with a mix of activities, mostly surrounding the exploring-ancient-ruins variety, but mixed in with canyoning in Slovenia, and motorcycling from the mountains to the Croatian coasts. We started off big (that includes eating just so much heavy local food) but are now starting to take it easy along the coast. Right now I’m writing from Split, in an Airbnb just steps away from Diocletian’s Palace. Tomorrow we move along to enjoy more of that island life, and then we eventually end up in Mostar, Bosnia, to catch what started this mad journey in the beginning: the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships.*

I’ll try to update more along the way. Most of the time, it’s easier to post pretty pictures up on Instagram to let people know I’m alive, but traveling is never as easy or as glamorous as it may seems, and I obviously enjoy capturing that. And sometimes it is! Either way, having a blast, not doing too many stupid things, and am somewhat sleeping as much as I’d like. See ya’ll.

* I don’t really drink Red Bull. I don’t like sugary drinks. But I’ll be darned if they don’t have cool events.