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Hello from the Balkans!


That’s right, big trip 2016 is here. It actually began September 9, when I shut my computer down at work and hopped on the train to Newark International Airport, completely ready to be finished with Philly. Just for a while. I love work, I love home, but my schedule for the past few weeks have been insane with willing obligations, and like clockwork. I was ready to turn off, go on an adventure, and sleep. I love to sleep. Since…

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So about this summer…

Listen, I know it’s been awhile, no need to make me feel bad. Same old story, different year, and it’s a good problem to have: I got too busy. For someone who loves blogs and creating content, it sure…

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Choose Your Own (Short-Lived) Adventure

A few weeks ago, I found myself on a red-eye back from a work conference in California. Two chatty folks next to me upheld their zesty conversation while I tried to pop my ears through my nose and stay…

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When in Cali: Sutro Baths

Entries “From the Road” are written while traveling — often quickly on my phone or with spotty wifi connection. Please excuse any typos or nonsensical thoughts! I’m in town for the Google I/O 2016 conference, and by in town,…

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Cheap Thrills: Riding in the Rain

Motorcycle season had a freakishly early start this year, and it’s something you definitely take note of once you get a bike of your own. I have a freebie mug from a moto gear shop that reads loudly, “Sunshine…

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Wasting away in Koreatown, and Island Spa

While I live for spring and summer (basically warm weather days), I will never forget that fantastic winter day we accidentally killed six hours at a Korean spa. It started off with a little cabin fever. We both craved…

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Kept Calm: Blizzard of 2016

The dilemma of a blizzard as an adult: If it were a week day, most people would feel complacent with sleeping in and loafing around in sweatpants before returning to the rat race in 24 hours. On the weekend, it’s different; the…

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Northern California, and HOW!

In October, we touched down in San Francisco to start a road trip — my first time in Northern California! We were in the area to visit family and friends, exploring touristy spots to get my toes wet, then…

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We’ll Always Have the Redwoods

This post is part of a series: Northern California, and How! When I was a kid, it seemed as if every family except for mine completed the must-see road trip classics, such as the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and…